Auto Injury Chiropractic PDX is a dedicated provider of Chiropractic services for clients injured as a result of auto accidents in the Portland Metro Area. We specialize in treating the direct and indirect injuries that result from auto accidents, many of which are not readily apparent in the immediate aftermath of an accident. Our diverse team of leading professionals has the ability to determine the exact nature of your injury, and work to customize a treatment plan that promotes your body’s natural ability to heal itself. Doing so provides for a better healing experience, and one that is facilitated by your body’s own internal systems.

Each patient is provided personal attention and expert care from the staff at Auto Injury Chiropractic PDX. Our friendly and inviting atmosphere is centered around patient healing and success in treatment, and we are fully committed to providing you with professional care that helps you to live a healthy and productive life after an accident.

We offer our patients a number of benefits when they choose the services of Auto Injury Chiropractic PDX for their Chiropractic needs in the aftermath of an accident:
• An expert and professional staff
• Private and well equipped treatment rooms
• Convenient scheduling times