Concussion Management and Return to Activity

Please be advised to include only one step at a time during a 24-hour period in the resumption of mental and physical activity. It is imperative to follow doctor’s instructions in each step when returning to activity. The patient must first be symptom free before returning to activity. The patient should not transition to the next level of activity if symptoms worsen.

  1. Mentally and physically symptom free at rest
  2. Resumption of light mental activity
  3. Resumption of light aerobic activity including walking and general activities of daily living. No strenuous activity including resistance training should be performed at this stage of recovery.
  4. Resumption of specific exercises in a non-contacted environment and resumption of more rigorous activities of daily living.
  5. Full contact practice in a sports and rigorous activities of daily living including physical work, swimming, hiking, running.
  6. Return to full activities of daily living, work and sports participation without limitation.